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圖書館員的角色 (Librarians' role)

Library Views 圖書館觀點 - 圖書館員的角色正節節敗退中?


I do not think "Librarian's role is diminishing". They are still knowledge owner, information keeper and information evaluator.


No doubt, library is not the only information source anymore. It is also true that more and more people own the ability which only owned by librarian in the old days. But isn't it what we are pleased to see?


At the same time, librarian's role becomes more important and heavy as information is created in great amount at fast speed covering almost everything. Librarians need to pay more effort and time in searching reliable and useful information on backstage. Because when the patron asks for help, what he or she needs must be very special and rare, only professional librarian with specialized knowledge and skills could find the suitable information in a short time.


Besides, the increase of information source will not affect the authority of library collection. When information is hard to define its reliability, librarian still is the most trustworthy person patron can rely on.


In fact, the amount of people "who own the ability which only owned by librarian in the old days" is not as many as we expected. People who are really able to search information effectively is still minority. Unfortunately, people do not know their ability limitation, but they have already reduce to use library and the service and information providing by librarians.

所以在想下一個角色之前,圖書館員要做的就是推廣使用圖書館和教育大眾成為 information and library literate。單是這兩項已經是永無止息的工作。

Hence, librarian need to promote using library and educate people being information and library literate before thinking about what role they should play next. These two jobs should already be everlasting.
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