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學校圖書館網頁聯播資訊 (Sharing information via blogroll in school library website)

Library Views 圖書館觀點 - 用 rollSense 做聯播

說到聯播,建設 (因故變相擱置) 中的學校圖書館網頁的其中一個主要部分就是「博訊」站 (Blog News Station??)。

Talking about blogroll, the main part of the school library website, under construction and left aside due to some reasons, is Blog News Station.

我用的聯播系統是即食型的,使用上 Google Reader 的 shared 功能,將適合學生閱讀的優質 blog 歸類而創造而成的 (若可搜尋 shared items 就更好)。有涯兄的

The blogroll system it used is very simple. I selected good quality blogs and classified them by six categories. They are presented by the shared function in Google Reader. It would be even better if the shared items are searchable. Phgod's

Google Reader - phgod's shared items


is the source stimulating the idea. I have to thank him for that.

另外少不了左手邊的書介 (aNobii),右手邊的共享書籤 (HEMiDEMi) 和網絡相簿 (Flickr)。圖書館宣佈則用上了 FeedBurner [結合了圖書館 blog (WordPress) 和 Bloglines Clip Blog] 做發佈。其實應該將 Bloglines Clip Blog 獨立出來,因為我原本的構思是將每日在 blog 看到的好文貼到 Bloglines Clip Blog,再使用 Google Reader 分享給學生。不過為著學生而選用限制多多的 HEMiDEMi,不能像個人 FeedBurner 一直結合 Furl 發放新收藏書籤的消息,但唔用 FeedBurner 的 Link Splicer 又好似好可惜,所以就暫時勉強結合 Bloglines Clip Blog,一切留待確實會推出此網頁時才將它們分離吧。

Not to mention the book display (aNobii) on the left hand side, social bookmarking (HEMiDEMi) and photo sharing (Flickr) on the right hand side. FeedBurner is used for library announcement, which information are merged with library blog (WordPress) and Bloglines Clip Blog. Actually, Bloglines Clip Blog should be set independently. Because my initial concept was post good articles I read from blog everyday to Bloglines Clip Blog, and share them to students by Google Reader. But for the sake of students, I chose HEMiDEMi, which has quite many restrictions, instead of other applications, such as Furl, which allows sharing new bookmarks through FeedBurner by combining the feed with it. However, it would be a pity if not using Link Splicer in FeedBurner. So, they are still merging with Bloglines Clip Blog. The separation will be made until the launching website is officially approved.

p.s. 對了﹗我沒有本事設計網頁和寫 HTML,所以它是從

p.s. By the way, I have no skills to design website and write HTML. Therefore, its template is obtained from

Open Source Web Design

找來的 d50 的作品,有 3 column 的 (我就是喜歡兩邊各有一條 sidebar 的設計)

It is d50's work with 3 columns (I simply like the design having one sidebar on each side).

Open Source Web Design - Moderna


In last year,


也是靠 oswd 找來 JayKay 的作品

was built thanks to JayKay's work from oswd.

Open Source Web Design - Thin Green Line





HEMiDEMi - 黑米共享書籤






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