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四角號碼 - 日本作者碼 (Four Corner System - Japanese author code)

fongyun's Xanga - Friday, March 16, 2007


Mr Fong was assigning the author code for this book.

超圖解Excel VBA應用講座 (附光碟)
作者/ 大村あつし
編/譯者/ 亮享
出版社/ 旗標出版股份有限公司


I have reread the Librarianship notes recently and spent some time to understand how to assign author code using Four Corner System, which I had not really learned in depth before. This compilation is an additional reference.

國家圖書館編目園地全球資訊網 - 分編問題探討 - 問題解答彙編 - 作者取號


By this chance, I can test myself to see whether I have mastered how to assign author code. Since I like to use shortcut, before the test, I used


查 NBINet Union Catalog。從而得知各台灣大學已為此書編的作者碼分別為︰4044、4419、4403、4441。

and its NBINet Union Catalog to find out that academic libraries in Taiwan have assigned author code for this book as 4044, 4419, 4403, 4441 respectively.


As the code is not united, I, first, visited this site to understand the principle of assigning author code for compound surname.

國家圖書館編目園地全球資訊網 - 分編問題探討 - 問題解答彙編 - 作者取號 - 【四角號碼法複姓單名之取作者號原則】


According to the instruction, "regarding to the name with more than 5 characters, choose 1 digit from each of the first 4 characters (upper left corner). That means choosing the shape digit of upper left corner of 「大村あつ」.


Refer to

香港學校圖書館主任協會 - 四角號碼下載及解說

就知道「大」和「村」的四角號碼分別為 (4003) 和 (4490)。由於四角號碼的編碼順序是︰左上角、右上角、左下角、右下角,所以「大」和「村」的左上角筆形碼都是 (4)。

I found out that the Four Corner Code of「大」and「村」is 4003 and 4490 respectively. Since the encoding sequence of Four Corner Code is the upper left, upper right, lower left and lower right corner, therefore, the shape digit of upper left corner of「大」and「村」is the same, it is 4.


Next is Japanese characters 「あ」and「つ」. I used this as reference

國家圖書館編目園地全球資訊網 - 分編問題探討 - 問題解答彙編 - 作者取號 - 同時含有漢字與片假名之作者,應如何取四角號碼


There are two principles:


The character shape of Katakana (片假名), pronounced "clear sounds" (清音 seion), shall prevail.


Regarding to choosing code of Katakana and Hiragana (平假名), pronounced "muddy sounds" (濁音 dakuon), the corresponding character shape of Katakana, pronounced seion, shall prevail without exception.


As 「あ」and「つ」both are "Hiragana, pronounced seion".

日跳跳 - 五十音 平假名 (平仮名-hiragana)


not "Katakana, pronounced seion", hence, according to "choosing code of the corresponding character shape of Katakana, pronounced seion", which are「ア」and「ツ」,

維基百科 - 五十音


and the shape digit of their upper left corner

香光尼眾佛學院圖書館 - 日文五十音取碼對照表

即 (1) 和 (3)。

They are 1 and 3.

所以「大村あつ」正確的作者碼應該是 4413 [「大」(4)、「村」(4)、「あ」(1)、「つ」(3)]。

Therefore, the correct author code of「大村あつ」should be 4413 [「大」(4)、「村」(4)、「あ」(1)、「つ」(3)].


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