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[第一印象和觀感] 令人倒胃的學校圖書館和工作 [First impression] Disgusting library and the work

  1. 書架的書亂過亂葬崗。圖書館範圍出現一堆堆的書,它們是啥?

    Book shelves are so chaotic. There are stacks of books all over the library. What are they?

  2. 入到圖書館,首先見到的不是書架,而是自修室似的一排排書檯和椅,要完全經過它們,再穿過一個小門口才是放書的地方,而且光線嚴重不足,誰會喜歡到此地找書和略閱書本? (Image 1 - 3)

    When people enter the library, it is not shelf they can see, but rows of long tables and chairs arranged like a students' study room. People need to bypass all of them and go through a small slide door to reach where books are located. But in there, lights are badly insufficient. Who would like to go there to find and flip through books?

  3. 就算選完書,回到自修室的地方閱讀,萬一想找其他書或換書,又要重覆以上步驟,多麻煩﹗以我之見,書架應伴著書桌和椅,以方便讀者隨時挑選喜愛的書籍,並增加他們在圖書館和書本停留的時間。即書架靠牆,被圍在中央的是工作站,連數部電腦以方便查書 (OPAC) 和網絡資源。

    Even if people have selected books, go back to the students' study room and start reading, what if he or she wants to find other books or change books? They need to repeat all the above procedure, so troublesome! In my opinion, tables and chairs should be surrounded by shelves so as to make patrons pick books easier, as well as increase their time staying in library and on books. That is shelves lean against the wall, workstation is at the centre with several computers for searching books (OPAC) and internet resources.

  4. 閱讀活動過頻︰每一個月至個半月一次大型活動;每月兩次小活動 (教務委員會負責圖書館的老師極喜歡攪活動)。活動那麼頻、那麼多,學生根本就吃不消。要成功推廣閱讀,應該重質,而非重量。

    Library activities are held too frequently: A large activity every half month or month, two small activities every months (teacher monitoring library from academic committee likes activity so much). Students would be overly stuffed by frequent and numerous activities. To promote reading successfully, quality should be the key, not quantity.

  5. 看重數據︰學生使用圖書館的資源為首要目標 (資源要流通,代表有效率),刻意忽略其他可獲取資源的途徑。即是將工具看得比培養學生資訊興趣和能力更優先,極之荒謬。

    Emphasis is on figures: The main target is students use library resources (resources have to be circulated, it represents efficiency). Delibrately ignore other ways to get resources and information. That is consider tools more important than develop students' information literacy and interest. Completely ridiculous.

  6. 中英文科有 extensive reading (已經要看十多本書),圖書館就有 reading to learn (自由參加),有重疊之嫌。

    Chinese and English have extensive reading (require students reading over 10 books). Library holds reading to learn programme (free to join). Kinda overlaped.

  7. 每朝閱讀時間︰在課室放置四十本書 (書種和書量少得可憐),由班主任派給學生 (不是自由選擇),半年才跟其他班掉一次 (日日對住同樣的四十本書,過左一星期就悶啦),而課室的書櫃只會在閱讀時段打開,其餘時間會上鎖 (有書等於無書),想看其他書的學生就要到學校圖書館 (等於迫他們到圖書館,以增加圖書館的表面效率)。

    There is reading lesson every morning: placing 40 books in classroom (the variety and amount are so less). Books are delivered by class teacher (not freely chosen). Class books are swapped with another class every half academic year (facing the same 40 books everyday, students will be bored in a week). Bookcase in the classroom only opens during reading lesson. It is locked in other periods (it is like there is no book in classroom). Students have to visit school library if they want to read other books (no difference between forcing students to library. It is for the increase of the surface sufficiency of the library).

  8. 以往圖書館服務員 (學生) 缺席頻繁︰其他活動時間表編排古怪,影響他們到圖書館幫手;部分學生欠缺服務熱誠,流失率偏高。

    Library student helpers had high absent rate: The schedule of other activities is arranged weirdly. It affects students go to work for library. Some students lack service passion. The quit rate is quite high.

  9. 電腦頗舊,還在用 Windows 2000,而且不能正常顯示建立中的圖書館網頁,移位問題十分嚴重。我最期待的心血可能沒法成功推出。 (Image 4)

    Computers are rather old. Windows 2000 is still the OS of the computers. Besides, it cannot show library website, under construction, properly. The frame moves to wrong position. It may result in that the website I have high expectation will never be able to launch.

  10. 僅有兩部處理借還書的電腦,圖書館老師沒有獨立的個人電腦用以處理其他事項。學生可使用的電腦有六部,但不是每部都裝了 OPAC 和手寫板。 (Image 4 & 8)

    Two computers are what the library has to handle charge and discharge works. Teacher Librarian has no particular personal computer to do other works. There are 6 computers for students. But only everyone has implemented OPAC and handwriter.

  11. 大部分老師輕視閱讀的重要性,不願意推介書籍的老師也不少。

    Most of teachers do not think reading is important. Teachers who are not willing to recommend books are not less.

  12. 中一圖書課原來僅得一次,多是用來介紹學校圖書館的。

    There is only one library lesson for Secondary 1 students. It can only be used to introduce the school library.

  13. 沒有圖書館助理,我哪有時間做兩個人的工作?而且可能要教通識和英文。

    There is no Library Assistant. How would I have time to do two people's jobs? And I may need to teacher Liberal Studies and English.

  14. 星期六長短週?﹗

    Alternative week for Saturday?!

  15. 向那位教務組成員反映圖書館需立時作出大改變 (將放書架的地方改為放桌椅,反之亦然,善用空間和光線;好好整理書架,書本整齊排列),最好可在開學前完成。但他以時間忽忙、太激進為由不接納。由此可見圖書館老師年年換不無理由,下一位犧牲品極有可能是我。

    Told the teacher from academic committe that big change is needed immediately (Swap the function between the space of placing tables and shelves, make the best use of space and light; organize the shelves and shelve books in order). They had better been done by the academic year begins. However, he turned my proposal down excusing that it is too rush and radical. Thus, it can be seen that there is reason why Teacher Librarian changes frequently. There is very high possibility that I will be the next victim.

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