Sunday, November 4, 2007

杜威 (DDC) 再見? (Goodbye to Dewey (DDC)?)

Library Views 圖書館觀點 - 熱門議題:摒棄杜威

目的為何?想讀者不用 OPAC 就去找書?那麼其實不需用 BISAC 取代 DDC,只要在排書時花點心思,新書、受歡迎的、重點推介的都書面向外,而非一律書脊向出。那樣豈不兼顧到以瀏覽的方式找書和嚴謹的讀者?

What is the purpose? Want reader not to use OPAC to search books? Well, if so, BISAC is not needed to replace DDC. As long as placing books on shelves with new ideas, such as facing out the cover of new, popular and recommended books whereas not spine. It should have considered both casual scanning readers and conscientious readers.


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