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刑罰的淪亡 (The fall of punishment) / Librarian & LIS students 2.0

老貓學出版 - 提個點子一次解決國家圖書館的兩個麻煩:法定送存問題和全國出版資訊可靠性問題


Punish those without self-discipline in the industry, ISBN registration could be a guard...


I wonder what the situation is in HK. Would it be like in Taiwan that "only few publishers observe the law"...


The Books Registration Ordinance (Chapter 142 of the Laws of Hong Kong) stipulates that:

  1. 任何新書刊的出版人,須於該書刊在香港出版、印刷、製作或以其他方式製成後 1 個月內,將該書刊 5 本連同附屬該書刊的所有地圖、圖片或其他刻印,免費送交書刊註冊組登記。

    The publisher of a new book shall, within 1 month after the book is published, printed, produced or otherwise made in Hong Kong, deliver to the Books Registration Office free of charge 5 copies of the book, together with all maps prints or other engravings belonging thereto, properly bound, sewed or stitched and produced on the best paper on which the book and any map, print or other engraving thereto is printed or produced.

  2. 任何人違反《書刊註冊條例》,即屬犯罪,一經定罪,可處罰款 $2,000。

    Any person who contravene the Books Registration Ordinance shall be guilty of an offence and shall be liable on conviction to a fine of $2,000.

香港公共圖書館 - 書刊註冊


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Alan Poon's Blog - 刑罰的淪亡 / Librarian & LIS students 2.0
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