Sunday, November 4, 2007

Librarianship blogs recommendation


Not long ago, I have introduced

「Library Views 圖書館觀點」

which has provided a lot of library news and development. Today I would like to introduce this blogger's junior's blog

今天再介紹該 blog 主學弟的


與前者稍有不同的是,這 blog 加插了 blog 主個人的見解,帶出了很多有啟發性的意念,以及他參觀各地圖書館的見聞,如︰

What is slightly different from the former blog is that this blog includes blogger's perspective which brings up many inspiring and enlightening ideas. Besides, it contains what the blogger sees and hears in the library visit around the world, such as

新加坡之行 Library@Orchard





等等都很值得細味。讀完所有文章後,我除了眼界大開,更感覺到 blog 主對圖書館、求知、求學、及對知識傳播的熱誠,極度推薦。

These are all worth reading and chewing. After reading all articles, I can feel that my vision is broadened and as well as the blogger's passion in library, knowledge, learning and information sharing. Highly recommended.


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