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RFID 在圖書館的應用 (RFID application in the library)

Library Views 圖書館觀點 - 西雅圖公共圖書館既綠色又科技

西雅圖公共圖書館的輸送系統接近我想像中的模樣,獨欠自動排架 (雖然它已能在人手排架前順序排列好),如能將書直接輸送到書架並正確的排列好就更好了,在各書架上裝個機械臂也可以。

The transport system in the Seattle Public Library is very similar to what I had imagined, just missing automatic shelving, even though materials are arranged in sequence before putting on the shelves manually. It would be even better if materials could be transported to the shelf and placed in order. Think about installing a mechanical arm.

至於借書系統,我還以為憑著 RFID 的遠距離感應,讀者只要攜帶著圖書證就可以直接拿著圖書館資料走過出口,而系統會自動辦理好資料的借出手續。看來它們用的是沒有電池的 "Passive" tags,以致還需要依靠一部部的借/還書機來近距離處理借書手續,這豈不是跟讀條碼沒有分別?為什麼呢?是成本問題?還是健康問題?

Regarding to the circulation system, I thought patrons, with library card, can take materials out the library directly and the charge procedure would be finished automatically by RFID's long sensing distance. It seems that they are using "Passive" tags without battery, so that charing has still relied on self-charging terminals. Is not it not much difference from scanning barcode? Why? Is it cost issue? Or health issue?

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