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[中英對照轉載] [English-Chinese copy] Thirty ways to Kill Reading (三十個窒息閱讀的方法)

Gawith, Gwen (1987) Library Alive: Prompting Reading and Research in the School Library. A&C Black Publishers Ltd. New Zealand

中文版譯者︰方潤 (Chinese version translator: Fongyun)
Daily Fongyun - 2/26/2006 4:18:38 AM

  1. Make sure no-one in your school has the chance to behave like a real reader.

  2. 令學校裡沒有人有機會好好閱讀。

  3. Never give any precious class time to talking about books or authors.

  4. 切勿花費珍貴的課時跟學生討論書或作者。

  5. Don't give pupils opportunities to talk about what they are reading.

  6. 不讓學生講講他們在讀甚麼。

  7. Colour code books (or use some other method) so that everyone is aware of how "good" or "bad" they are at reading. Don’t let anyone choose a book that is "too easy" or "too hard".

  8. 為書本上個標貼(或任何其他方法),讓所有人都知道你讀的書有多「難」或「低能」。不准學生選「太易」或「太難」的書。

  9. Never join in talking about books except to ask, "Did you enjoy it? Why?"

  10. 除了問「鍾唔鍾意﹖點解﹖」之外,永遠不跟學生談書。

  11. Insist on a review or a written response to every book read.

  12. 學生每讀完一本書,都一定要寫報告。

  13. Have library time every week and insist everyone takes out a book – don't worry about whether they every read it.

  14. 每星期都有圖書館課,強迫每個人一定要拿走一本書—不理他們會不會讀。

  15. Never give anyone time to read.

  16. 不予閱讀時間。

  17. Make sure you "do" comprehension regularly from text books.

  18. 「閱讀理解」的材料,永遠從教科書找來。

  19. Create an environment that discourages reading. Start by putting up a poster about books or authors and leave it there to gather dust, curl up at the edges, get torn and be ignored.

  20. 創造一個不鼓勵閱讀的環境﹕首先就是把介紹書本和作者的海報收起來,直到它們鋪塵、四角發霉、整張霉爛,最後沒人記起。

  21. Keep the library locked or inaccessible at lunchtime and after school. Use it mostly for meetings.

  22. 圖書館主要用來開會,午飯時或放學後鎖起它。

  23. Make sure here is never anyone around the books to help or advise.

  24. 確保圖書館永遠沒有人可以幫助讀者或者給意見。

  25. Let the teacher librarian dose the children with "library skills" once a year and hope this acts as a slow release vitamin. Don’t mention library skills at any other time.

  26. 圖書館主任只需每年跟學生上一次「圖書館技能」課,希望它活像長效維他命。其他時間都不要提圖書館技能了。

  27. Make sure the teacher librarian never communicates except about overdue books or eating in the library.

  28. 圖書館老師除了有人遲還書或者吃東西之外,永不與人溝通。

  29. Don't give a teacher librarian time to do the job properly – Preferably appoint someone who knows nothing about books or reading.

  30. 不讓圖書館老師有足夠時間做好份內事—最好指派一個對書本和閱讀都一無所知的人去做。

  31. Don't devise any ways potential readers might find books they would enjoy. Never ask pupils to suggest books for school.

  32. 不要讓學生去建議圖書館應該買甚麼書。

  33. Shelve all books spine out.

  34. 把所有書倒轉上架。

  35. Don't have books in classrooms. If you do, make sure that "reading" books are given greater status than "real" books.

  36. 課室裡不放書。有的話,肯定放「閱讀材料」而不是真正的「書」。

  37. Never discard books that are dirty, tattered, out-of-date; in fact, spend as little as possible on books.

  38. 污穢、損毀、過時的書,永遠不換。用在書身上的錢越少越好。

  39. Apart from books for "learning to read" which everyone (especially remedial readers) need to stay "on" until they have finished the scheme, behave as if books were unimportant; use worksheets, card, reading laboratories, exercises. etc. instead.

  40. 除了指定閱讀計劃的書必須要讀完(尤其是那些能力不足的學生),其他書都不重要,用習作紙、卡片、閱讀材料和功課替代便是。

  41. Never read aloud; if you do , never do it regularly, never finish the book you start reading, never read the book first yourself ( unless it's the one you read last year and the year before and the year before that), never practise, never choose anything new.

  42. 永不朗讀,就算有也不經常這樣做。開始讀的書永遠不讀完,永遠不自己先把書讀一遍(除了那些 N 年前讀過的舊書),永遠不實踐,不嘗試新方法。

  43. Remember only infants have carpets and cushions in book corners. No one over eight should be able to find somewhere comfortable to red in school.

  44. 只有嬰兒才配有舒適的座位。所有八歲以上的小朋友都無法在校內找到舒服的閱讀地方。

  45. Have a Book Week once a year to raise funds for another computer. Don't prepare for it or follow it up.

  46. 每年搞一次書節來籌錢多買一部電腦。不要準備也無須跟進。

  47. Don't on any account open a school bookshop or organise a book club or hold a book swap.

  48. 不要搞書展、讀書會或交換書本的活動。

  49. Make it clear that comics, joke books, riddles, magazines, newspapers are not wanted in the classroom.

  50. 漫畫 / 笑話 / 謎語書、雜誌 / 報紙,統統不准在課室出現。

  51. Be a good non reading model.

  52. 做一個好的「不閱讀」榜樣。

  53. Avoid reading in silent reading time- mark books or do some admin.-anything to indicate that there are more important things to do.

  54. 閱讀時間盡量不要讀書—可以改簿或者做其他行政工作—顯示有很多比閱讀更重要的事要做。

  55. Don't read yourself because you don't have time. Who does?

  56. 自己不要閱讀,因為你沒時間嘛﹗誰有﹖

  57. Don't talk about books to your colleagues or to your pupils.

  58. 不要跟同事或學生談「書」。

  59. Don't try to keep up with what is being published for children; don't read reviews, join professional associations, go to meetings or attend courses.

  60. 不要理會有甚麼適合學生的新書出版、不要讀書評、不要參加專業學會、不要去參加學會會議、不要上課進修。


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