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圖書館應收什麼書? (What books should library collect?)


登出一連 3 篇有關輕小說的文章︰

has posted three articles about light novel in a row:





In the third article, it mentions an issue about "reading light novel is prohibited by parents". There are different voices whether school/public library should collect this type of novel in the comment. My opinion is very simple, "whatever books or journals stimulating reading interest should be respected, no matter it is comic book or horse racing newspaper, or contains images which may cross the line of morality, whether obscene or not.". Regarding to the collection issue, it should be decided based on the aims, objectives and acquisition policy of the library.


According to the collection development policy of Hong Kong Public Libraries,

的 c 「圖書館服務在幫助市民善用閒暇方面亦擔當重要角色。圖書館應該提供消閒讀物及積極鼓勵市民善用餘暇 」和 d 項︰「圖書館服務應幫助推廣文學藝術。」,我認為在日本文學界獲「次文藝」地位的輕小說絕對符合資格被列入館藏。而一般傾向保守的學校圖書館其實也應該收藏,不過,這輪不到我話事。

item c "library also has key role in providing service for the profitable use of people's leisure. The library should provide recreational materials, promote and encourage people use them for leisure." and item d "libraries should help promote literary arts.". In my opinion, light novels are entitled to be collected as they are recognized as a kind of arts in Japanese arts profession. Conservative school libraries should consider collecting them, however, I do not have the say in this case.


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