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無休網上參考服務 (24/7 Online reference service)

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回應者 "old school developer" 提到加州公共圖書館館員聯合提供無休的 "Ask a Librarian" 即時回應服務。於是我用上次問 ChaCha 嚮導的問題問專業的圖書館館員。結果顯示她傾向依賴電子資料庫和學術期刊,所以整個搜尋需時接近半句鐘,得出的資料不多,而且也不合題。不過她主動要求我留下電郵地址,好讓她能花更多時間搜索資料。單是這個真誠的服務態度,足以值得一讚。

"old school developer" mentioned that Libraries in California has provided a 24/7 "Ask a Librarian" service. The instant response is given by reference librarians all over the California. So, I use the same question I ask to the ChaCha guide last time to the professional librarian. The result comes out that she inclined to rely on electronic database and academic jounral, therefore the whole searching took up nearly half an hour. But neither were much information found, nor related to my question. However, she has asked me for email address so that she can have more time to search for information and give me the information after that. This sincere attitude and follow-up service are worthy of praise.


As she has spent so much effort and time to do the test for me, it made me embarrassed to ask more help. So I ended the conversation and service.


And then I began to think that librarians have excellent search strategies and techniques, but they may not be as good as specialized guide when needing to find information in a short period. The reason is they lack the knowledge of the topic and subject, therefore usually they need more time for the searching to offset the weakness. Since they need time to master that, it would be much better to use the valuable time to educate people for maximum efficiency.

"Ask a Librarian" 看來還是用電郵或留言處理的形式好,因為要應付的問題通常不能即時解決,簡單的轉介到 ChaCha 就可以了。

It seems that "Ask a Librarian" should remain as a form of email or message box, because questions often do not seem to be solved instantly. For easy questions, librarians may transfer them to ChaCha.

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