Sunday, November 11, 2007

OPAC 新特色 (New features of OPAC)

老頑童們的筆記 - OPAC 新趨勢(一)

WorldCat Local

老頑童們的筆記 - OPAC新趨勢(二):Encore


OPAC 陸續加入社會性功能...

OPAC is adding social functions...

p.s. WorldCat 的公眾版好像跟初推出時沒兩樣,別跟我說它只是用來記錄圖書館借書項而已,而不接受加入其他途徑的項目。

p.s. WorldCat (not WorldCat Local) for public has not much improvement since its launch. Do not tell me it is for recording borrowing record only and do not accept adding other items getting from other sources.

延伸閱讀 (Further reading)

kiko的閒聊 - 國中圖之電子書服務平台


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