Tuesday, November 27, 2007

圖書館的社交性 (Social contact in library)

New York Times - Much Loved, Now Much Used

... they (users) want a place not just to read and look up information, but also a place to relax, socialize and even telecommute.

... they (community members) wanted ... a place to meet and relax.

“It is a comfortable place, an extension of a home, where you can meet neighbors and catch up on the news, learn and play and read,” Ms. Crosson said. “It is a place to come and stay for hours.”

So, the new library is a place merged with information centre and community centre. It is in both real and virtual world as social contacts on and offline are all that matter. And library workers have to be involved.

Information Today, Inc. - Seven Strategies for Marketing in a Web 2.0 World
With Web 2.0, we need to consider not only the new means of reaching our online audience but also the new nature of the social Web


秋聲 Blog - 圖書館新意象

Library Views 圖書館觀點 - 在 Web 2.0 世界裡行銷的7個策略


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