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網絡集錦 (Web Clips)

Read/WriteWeb - Delicious Preview - Next Gen Search For Yahoo?

Webware - An early look at the new

Download Squad - delicious, a preview of the new interface

新版 測試中,而我最喜歡的

Newly designed is in beta stage, while my favourite



has launched



Transform bookmarks into slides. It is really suitable for teaching purpose.


Webware - Diigo's WebSlides to turn saved pages into slide shows

Social Bookmarking 大戰似乎一觸即發,就算它的影響力仍然沒有傳統傳媒網站般大。

Social Bookmarking war seem to be triggered at any moment, even though its impact is not as big as traditional media websites.

Mr./Ms. Days - 網路, 資訊, 觀察, 生活 - 書籤網站輸贏還沒分, 網友提早選邊站?


Read/WriteWeb - Google Custom Search: Setting The Bar For Vertical Search Engines

Google Custom Search Engine

能夠更有效率地使用 blog 保存的經驗和智慧,就是我自製 blog subscriptions search engine 的原因。

The reason I created blog subscriptions search engine is to use blog to preserve experience and wisdom more efficiently.

Alan Poon's Blog - 網絡集錦網絡集錦-14/

Alan Poon's Blog - Why Custom Search Engine (CSE) and Search 2.0 are useful?


結合個人在網絡 (blog、social bookmarking、相片/影片分享、社交網站) 留下的知識、智慧和經驗供別人搜尋,憑著專長的分享,使用者必有所收獲。

Merging knowledge, wisdom and experience created by persons on the internet (blog, social bookmarking, photo/video sharing, social networking) for searching. As they are shared by experts, users must benefit.

出現如此的整合服務,可見 Web 2.0 分享/搜尋發展愈趨完善,參與其中應不再屬於冒險

Since those integrated services are founded, Web 2.0 sharing/searching development has been close to perfect, it is not a risk to use it anymore.

Slashdot - Barrier to Web 2.0 — IT Departments

裹足不前只會令自己享受不到 Web 2.0 所帶來的益處。

One cannot benefit by the advantages from Web 2.0 if one hesitates to move forward.


Read/WriteWeb - Google Reader Adds Search; Bloglines Playing Catch-up in Features

Bloglines 推出 beta 版不到 10 天

Less than 10 days after Bloglines has launch beta

Alan Poon's Blog - 網絡集錦網絡集錦-41/

Google Reader 就投出震撼彈,推出期待已久的搜尋功能

Google Reader throws out long-expected search feature

我的 CSE


Blog subscriptions search engine

雖未到壽終正寢的時候,但使用頻率或會大幅降低,視乎 Google Reader 內置的表現如何。初步來看,能搜中文就已經完全將 Bloglines 的比下去,其他的就是要提升速度。

has not reached the time to be discard. But the frequency of usage may be decreased greatly, depending on what the performance the search engine inside Google Reader is. In the first glance, it has already outshined Bloglines as it can search Chinese text. What it needs is enhance the speed and smoothness.

p.s. 新功能推出首天導致 Opera 不能顯示 feed 內容,今天再看問題已經解決,特此一讚 Google 的效率。

p.s. The new feature launch on the first day caused Opera unable to display the feed content. As I come back to check how it is today, the problem has been fixed. Really have to praise the high efficiency of Google.


Inside Google Book Search - My (own) library on Book Search

Google Books - My Library

到有多些中文書可供選擇再試未遲,畢竟 LibraryThing 功能不斷完善的進度相當不錯。除非整合出現,我暫時看不到它的領導地位會被單一系統動搖。

It will not be late to test it when there are more Chinese books. After all, LibraryThing has done so much to improve its functions. And the progress is satisfactory. Unless there is integration, I do not see LibraryThing will fall from leading position because of such single system.

有傳 Amazon 和 Google 大力發展電子書

There is rumor of Amazon and Google are pushing the development of electronic book

Download Squad - Amazon and Google both want you to want e-books

若推出時軟硬體有突破,版權問題又解決,Google Book Search 的功能才算有效被發揮出來,現在的算是個小玩意吧...

The potential of Google Book Search functions will be brought into full play only when software and hardware have breakthrough, as well as the copyright issue is solved. Now, it is just a gimmick.

Further readings

Google Books 推出兩項新功能

有涯小札 - 閒逛 Google Books 圖書館

Library Views 圖書館觀點 - Google Book Search 新功能 - My Library


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