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社群網絡/社交平台和限制 (Social networking/Social platform and its restriction)

Library Views 圖書館觀點 - OCLC 最新報告出爐 - 「Sharing, Privacy and Trust in Our Networked World」

Sharing, Privacy and Trust in Our Networked World

The complete report (PDF)

補充 [Supplement] (Nov 4, 2007)

剛掃完整份報告,豐富的數據沒什麼特別 (令人驚訝的發現),只是 U.S. Library Directors 使用網絡跟一般使用者有不同,但亦屬意料之內,所以對我而言,重點可完全放在 "Libraries and Social Networking" [PDF: p.191-197 or Report: 6-20 to 6-26]。圖書館要參與 social network,從中發掘更多的資源,最重要就是讓讀者知道圖書館的服務絕非只跟書有關,更要互動分享、發佈資訊和培養他們的資訊素養。唯有這樣,圖書館才能融入讀者的生活,增加他們利用圖書館來掘寶的機會。

I have just scanned the whole report. The rich data have nothing special (no surprising discoveries). Just that U.S. Library Directors use interest differently from normal users, but it is expected. To me, whole focus is on "Libraries and Social Networking" [PDF: p.191-197 or Report: 6-20 to 6-26]. Libraries have to participate in social network and find more resources within meanwhile. The key is let patrons know that books are not the whole part of libraries. Libraries need to interact with patrons, present them information and educate them as information literate. Only by doing that, libraries can be involved in patrons' life so as to enhance the opportunity that their using library for high quality information.


I am familiar with this concept. I had put all these things into the library website I particularly designed for the school library. It is just a pity that it is not launched even I am leaving in one week. It makes me so frustrated.

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Library Views 圖書館觀點 - 【新書】- Information Tomorrow

Information Tomorrow – Reflections on Technology and the Future of Public & Academic Libraries - Information Tomorrow; Reflections on Technology ad the Future of Public and Academic Libraries


Should read it if I have free time...


LibraryThing - Link LibraryThing accounts to Google?


It will be a big step forward if it happens.


秋聲 Blog - 好個書目E-R Model(實體/關係模型)


這就就是為什麼 LibraryThing 點都比 aNobii 好的其中一個原因...

That is one of the reasons LibraryThing is better than aNobii no matter what...

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