Sunday, November 4, 2007

選讀的因素/讀者,你在哪? (What makes you pick a book to read?/Where are patrons?)

老貓學出版 - 「好書會自動販賣」時代之消逝


In recent year, reading in book store is less than ever. Eyes are easily tempted by cover or spine with special features. It is seldom to read old books. Hence, finding good books by own vision is very less. However, I have been relying on book reviews more and more. It is very frequent that I read the brief content of the book on online book store. Unless recommending by someone, books published by small publisher will never be touched. Even it is a good book, I would not know that.


I have been lazy; badly edited books have made me hesitate; there are too many good books, but too less time. I hope that the open writing environment on the internet can attract book lovers to write book introduction and recommendation, share books and "speak for good books", so as to make good books cherished by people.


老頑童們的筆記 - 等沒人!讀者啊,你在哪裡?

氣氛冷淡的圖書館導覽活動... 是圖書館的網頁做得太好?外藉生的自學能力十分優異?以前已掌握一定圖書館使用知識和技巧?

Cold atmosphere at library guide tutorial... Is library website made so perfect? Foreign students have excellent self-learning ability? Have already owned the knowledge and skills in using library?


Review the activity, find the problem, hold activity meet patrons' real demand, otherwise it is useless no matter how good the preparation is, how hearty the sincerity is, how talented, knowledgeable and skillful the responsible people and speakers are.


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