Sunday, November 4, 2007

網上即時參考服務 (Online instant reference service)

老頑童們的筆記 - 線上即時通訊參考諮詢(Chat with a librarian)

「具實際執行經驗的館員表示,在執勤線上即時通訊參考諮詢時,其工作壓力是相當大的。」... 如非必要,最好還是給館員多點時間,得到的一定比臨急臨忙搜出來的好,所以我才會認為用電郵詢問和回覆是最佳之選。

"Acoording to experienced librarian who has done the service, the work pressure is very high when on duty giving instant reference services on the internet."... If unnecessary, it would be better give more time to the librarian. The response must be much better than finding in a rush. That is the reason I consider asking and replying by email the best method.

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