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整合資訊平台/網上資訊素養學習系統 (Integrated information platform & Online Information Literacy Tutorial)

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其次就是如何讓人發現圖書館擁有他們需要的資料。礙於搜尋引擎已深入民心,我看圖書館的目錄無可避免地要進入互聯網,而且圖書館界要好好地跟搜尋引擎合作,因為各地館藏的加入會大大充實網上的資訊,使已夠混亂的網絡更形不堪。我的想法就是 WorldCat、Google Book Search、Google Scholar、Library of Congress、書商、出版社等結合,推出一個全球性的書目 (另外又設一個專屬 non-print material 的)。書目的資料會出現在一般的搜尋引擎,不過為提高搜尋效率,最好用 clustering 的形式編排,使用家能過濾不乎所需的資料,如找書的找書;找碟的找碟,根據讀者的所在地、權限等引導他們到可取得資料的目的地 (借、看、租、買,什麼都好)。

The next thing is how to let people discover libraries have the information they need. As search engine has been commonly used, library catalogs must enter WWW. In addition, libraries have to cooperate with search engines. Because collections from libraries all over the world will solidify the online information greatly, which may cause the disorder more chaotic. My thought is unite WorldCat, Google Book Search, Google Scholar, Library of Congress, book stores, publishers, etc to launch a global catalog. And an exclusive one for non-print materials. The information in the catalog will appear in normal search engines. In order to enhance the search efficiency, it would be better to be clustering, so that users can filter information they do not need. For example, book searchers find books, discs' find discs, and lead users to where information are placed according to users' location and authority. No matter it is for lending, reading, renting or purchasing, whatever.


Everyone knows what we need. It just lacks an integrated plan.

這個平台最好由政府來做和管理,但 code 就開放,使各界能自行設計獨特的公司系統和 widget 供用家使用,然後各界依標準輸入資料。

The platform is better to be created and managed by the government. But the code should be open, so that everyone and industry can self-design particular system and widgets for oneself. And the data are inputted based on their standard.


Queensland University of Technology Library - Pilot: Online Information Literacy Tutorial

因為是開放給公眾的,所以 QUT 的這個線上資訊素養課程比港大的更綜合和完整,非常適合輔助圖書課和通識教學。

Because it is open to public, the Online Information Literacy Tutorial created by QUT is more comprehensive and complete than HKU's. It is very suitable for assisting in teaching library lesson and Liberal Studies.

The University of Hong Kong Libraries - Research Guides - Information Literacy Tutorial


老頑童們的筆記 - 以資訊素養為要務的昆士蘭科技大學圖書館(五):資訊素養


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