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Why Custom Search Engine (CSE) and Search 2.0 are useful?

Google Librarian Central - Create a Google Custom Search Engine

Google Co-op - Custom Search Engine


Library Views 圖書館觀點 - 熱鬧的圖資網站搜尋工具

ALA TechSource - Custom Zen: Enlightened Information Retrieval

Karen Muller, ALA Librarian and Knowledge Management Specialist, used the Google Co-op Custom Search Engine (CSE) to build the tool and explains the goal of its use is "to be able to focus searches of web-based materials...,"

She noted "the possibility of setting up a means of retrieving more focused results on an exploratory web search appealed."


Read/WriteWeb - Search 2.0 vs Traditional Search
How is Rollyo useful compared to TSE?: It narrows your search down to only a few trusted sources. A welcome retreat from the current in-your-face information chaos of the web.

p.s. Rollyo is a search engine which allows users to create and publish their own personal search engines, based on websites they decide to include in their 'SearchRoll'.


Read/WriteWeb - Search 2.0 vs Traditional Search, Part 2
S-2.0 can help make search more meaningful, subjective and task-based.

While TSE (Traditional Search Engine) is good for finding information, S-2.0 is good at discovering new information at a rapid pace.

S-2.0 enabled data is distributed through the lateral route of a user's interests - rather than the direct route of TSEs, which require a user to carefully craft his/her query to be an accurate statement of the information desired.

Current S-2.0 technologies do not replace traditional search engines. They rather enhance and grow new possibilities. They work in conjunction with TSEs to provide a more powerful search.


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