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期望成真… WorldCat 的書籍收藏分享服務 (Dream comes true... WorldCat's social cataloging applications)

OCLC - adds ability to build and share lists


Last month, Mr Fong

Daily Fongyun - letter to HKLA & HKTLA


mentioned that it would great if "a library software company launches a public catalog in compliance with AACR2"

再讀到 Fred

and then I read Fred's

石墨工房 5.1β - 看看書、玩豆瓣;398


bad experience



I begin to think

Online Computer Library Center (OCLC)


's product


是最接近和有效率的。事實上,各地的圖書館館藏目錄資料豐富齊全,我們實在沒必要花心力和時間去人手輸入各項資料,運用已有的不就可以了嗎?如能推出類此書籍收藏分享服務會有多好... 估唔到想要的咁快就出現,我當然第一時間登記試用。

is closest and most efficient. In fact, information is very rich in OPAC around the world. We simply do not need to spend so much effort and time to input every data manually. Can we not use them already existed? It would be so great if such kind of social cataloging application is launched... It is unexpected that it is out. I, of course, register for the use immediately.

驟眼看,應有的都有,用戶更可設定無限書單,而且不限種類,亦即是說,書籍以外的影音光碟、期刊等都可以任你定。做研究時開個參考書單,配合 WorldCat 原有的書目資料匯出功能,什麼 APA、Chicago、Harvard、MLA、Turabian 都可以幫你自動列出,夠哂方便準確。

After short test, it has what it should have. Users can setup infinite book list without type limitation. Which is to say, they can be audio visual materials, journals or whatever. When doing research, you can create a reference list. Make use of the export function of bibliography citation, APA、Chicago、Harvard、MLA、Turabian will be automatically listed out. It not only is accurate, but also convenient.

但是缺點都唔少,它的匯入 (其實只有單項輸入) 和搜尋功能好弱;系統速度亦相當慢;書籍資料也沒有顯示索書號 (即使館藏內必有顯示),所以排列不依索書號;而且它很平實,所以沒有 aNobii 般花巧搶眼。另外,匯出的資料亦很簡陋,只有 ID、Title、Author、Item type、Publisher、Comment 和 Added date。依目前來看,只有對規範看得很重的人才會對它有興趣吧。

However, it has a lot of shortcomings. Its import (input an item at a time) and search function are very weak. The system is rather slow too. As there is no call number in the book data (even though it is shown in the OPAC), the information is not listed in sequence. Moreover, its outlook is very plain, not as attractive as aNobii. Export function is very simple. The file exported just contains book data, such as ID, Title, Author, Item type, Publisher, Comment, Added date. According to its limitation, it could only draw interest from people who see standard very important.

雖然如此,WorldCat 擁有的資料實在太多太廣,只要它的書籍收藏分享服務能夠變得更多元化,我相信它將會取代 LibraryThing 和 aNobii,成為最終霸主。

Despite that, WorldCat owns so much information with wide subjects. As long as this service becomes more diversified, I believe it could replace LibraryThing and aNobii and becomes the leader of the service.

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