Thursday, December 6, 2007

LibraryThing is getting better and better

LibraryThing - Better at what we do best



has a series of upgrading: More and more of date can be inputted; information is more and more detailed; the layout is more and more beautiful; more libraries over the world will be the source of book data, including those in non-English-Speaking countries collecting books in non-Latin scripts; multilanguages will be available, Traditional and Simplified Chinese are there.

如此這般盡善盡美的系統,日後若能跟出版商合作 (不只是書店和圖書館)

If this system, aiming to perfection, could cooperate with publishers (not only book stores and libraries)

老貓學出版 - 如何用ISBN資料庫催化出版產業的新動力


and get the first hand book information from them, this database as well as social network will be really perfect.


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