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Library materials on public platform

Flickr - Photos from The Library of Congress

The Commons (The Library of Congress Pilot Project)

to increase exposure to the amazing content currently held in the public collections of civic institutions around the world, and secondly, to facilitate the collection of general knowledge about these collections, with the hope that this information can feed back into the catalogues, making them richer and easier to search.

跳出圖書館的小框框,將資源放到人們常到之處,充分發揮它們的價值,並集大眾之力,加入合適的標籤和補充,使資源更豐富和方便使用。計劃很符合 OCLC 報告中的建議...

Library materials are not only available in library, but also on the platform people like to visit. Tags and additional information are added and contributed by anyone to make it more usable. It matches the suggestion made in the latest OCLC report...

Library 2.0: An Academic's Perspective - OCLC: The Google of the Library World?
Open the library doors, invite mass participation by users and relax the rules of privacy. It will be messy. The rules of the new social Web are messy. The rules of the new social library will be equally messy. But mass participation and a little chaos often create the most exciting venues for collaboration, creativity, community building—and transformation. It is right on mission.

初步做到「哪裏有人 (需要資訊),那裏就有圖書館的資源」(Where there are people needing infromation, there are library materials.)...

Makes "where there are people needing information, there are library materials" possible...


ReadWriteWeb - Library of Congress Teams with Flickr - Flickr to host Library of Congress photos

補充 [Supplement] (Jan 21, 2008)

秋聲 Blog - LC與Flickr合作

p.s. 不知 Flickr 為何物的可看 Common Craft 的新影片,有關網上分享相片的

p.s. Having no idea of what Flickr is? Please watch the new video about online photo sharing from Common Craft

Online Photo Sharing in Plain English


HeyJude - Online Flickr Photo Sharing in Plain English


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