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Obstacle to the information management/Patrons-centred services

Lightspeed Venture Partners Blog - Meaning = Data + Structure: User Generated Structure

Lightspeed Venture Partners Blog - Meaning = Data + Structure: Inferring Structure from domain knowledge

Semantic Web 目前發展障礙精要... 對資訊管理有興趣的必讀...

The essence of what is blocking the development of semantic web... Who have interest in information management must read them...


ReadWriteWeb - Semantic Web: Where Are The Meaning-Enabled Authoring Tools?

Web 2.0 創詞人 Tim O'Reilly 指出

The creator of the term Web 2.0, Tim O'Reilly, indicated that

"It seems easy enough, but why hasn't this approach taken off? Because there's no immediate benefit to the user. He or she has to be committed to the goal of building hidden structure into the data. It's an extra task, undertaken for the benefit of others. And as I've written before, one of the secrets of success in Web 2.0 is to harness self-interest, not volunteerism, in a natural 'architecture of participation."

Web 2.0 到 Web 3.0 的樽頸位就在於此。若人心不能變的話,就只能靠技術改進,還要靠少部分人的貢獻促成...

That is the bottleneck between Web 2.0 and Web 3.0. If there is no change of people's mind, it could be achieved only by the improvement of technology and contribution from few people...

身為 Time's Person of the Year 的 You,願意撇開 Web 2.0 的身分向前邁進嗎?

As Time's Person of the Year, will You be willing to stride forward from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0?

補充 [Supplement] (Feb 26, 2008)

網絡暴民 Jacky's Blog - 網絡隨想三則


ReadWriteWeb - Will Social Bookmarking Pay Dividends with Search Result Augmentation?

Paul Heymann - Can Social Bookmarking Improve Web Search?


Data of web statistics

ReadWriteWeb - How Vulnerable is Google on Search?

Ask's Official Blog - Better Binoculars


Data of web statistics have a certain of reference value, but the impact is small. In this stage, they can be used to value the usefulness of the website...


Pew Internet: Early Adopters

A Portrait of Early Adopters: Why People First Went Online --and Why They Stayed


Stephen's Lighthouse - Early Adopters in Libraries


Stephen's Lighthouse - Preparing for a 2.0 World

Web 2.0, Library 2.0, and Librarian 2.0: Preparing for the 2.0 World


Think they are worth marking after scanning...


Library Views 圖書館觀點 - The Joy of Computing - 公用電腦管理手冊

The MaintainIT Project


two reports from the project. It is about the installation and management of system used in the library...

The MaintainIT Project - A Cookbook for Small and Rural Libraries

The MaintainIT Project - Recipes for a 5-Star Library


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Cataloging and Acquisitions - Library of Congress Subject Headings: Pre- vs. Post-Coordination and Related Issues

Library of Congress Subject Headings: Pre- vs. Post-Coordination and Related Issues (PDF - 49 p.; 362K)


Cataloging Futures - Essential reading: LC subject headings report


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