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隨目錄預覽圖書/好好運用書面的吸引力/個人的資源中心 (Preview books in any catalog/Make the best use of book cover/Personal resource centre)

Inside Google Book Search - Preview books anywhere with the new Google Book Search API

Official Google Blog - Book info where you need it, when you need it

Examples from Library Catalog Pages

Examples from Library Search Results Pages

(See a larger screenshot.)(See a larger screenshot.)


Google Book Search

和其 API

Google Book Search Book Viewability API

所賜,任何 catalog 都可加入預覽圖書功能

and its API, book preview can be added to any catalog now

LibraryThing - Google Books in LibraryThing

讀者要挑選合需要的書本將更為方便,同時亦為將來 (全文) 電子書與紙本共同出現 (融合) 給讀者選擇的一大里程碑 (傳統的目錄會將電子資源分開顯示,相當不方便。)。

Patrons is able to pick the right book easily. It is also a milestone of showing and giving the choice of both (full text) digital book and print book to the patron in the same catalog page in the future.

Alan Poon's Blog - Library 2.0 & Web 2.0
我很有信心,全面書藉電子化最終應該會成事。我可沒說過紙本會成為歷史,我認為 e-book 和 print 版會一同推出,甚至會好似英英字典那樣,隨書附上光碟 (到時應該會係一個密碼之類,供用家使用網上版和下載版),三版齊下,讀者在任何環境想怎樣看就怎樣看,全是他們的自由。將情況放在圖書館,讀者也會有這些選擇。

I have strong confidence that complete digitalization will come true in the end. I did not say print materials will become history. I think e-book and print version will be published together, even like English dictionaries, sold with a CD. At that time, it would be sort of like a code for user to use online version or download version. With 3 versions, users can use whatever wherever and whenever. It is their freedom. In the library, users will be given the same options.


IX Blog - 你要買什麼我們通通都有你要買什麼我們通通都有/

這個嘗試竟然讓營收成長9%... 只是這樣的改變會讓藏書量減少5-10%,大約每間分店會減少4700到9300本書...

圖書館實在應考慮用同樣的做法,約 1 成的增長絶不容忽視 (即使只是實施的首兩星期)

Libraries should consider using the same method to boost the circulation. 10% growth should not be overlooked (even though it was made in the first two weeks)

Alan Poon's Blog - 回歸遠流 / 杜威 (DDC) 再見? / 模範老闆/上司回歸遠流-杜威-ddc-再見?-模範老闆上司/

placing books on shelves with new ideas, such as facing out the cover of new, popular and recommended books whereas not spine.


圖書館閉架的書已經有很多,所以再多 5-10% 也不是什麼大問題,而且不見於書架的 (不流通) 書依然可見於目錄,想要的話等少許時間仍可取閱。反而是採購部應該在考慮購入熱潮書時手緊一點,那應可以大大減少熱潮冷卻後安放一大堆複本的問題。

There are a lot of books in the closed stack status. It should not be a big problem that 5-10% of books are set in the same status. Besides, these books could still be searched out in the library catalog. If the patron wants to have it, he/she would just need to wait a short period and the book would be ready. Instead, acquisition department should be in tight hand when considering purchasing popular books with short period of wave so that the problem of storing copies of the same title book after it would be less troublesome.

Image origin and further reading

The Wall Street Journal Online - Borders Tries About-Face on Shelves

補充 [Supplement] (Apr 5, 2008)

老貓學出版 - 長尾到底有沒有發生


Lib News 圖書館資訊網誌 - 當街玩親親 禁閃光海報爆紅

想不到圖書館也會幽人一黙,為刻板的嚴禁標語增添活潑感... 意念相當不錯...

Never thought library had such sense of humour. It livens up the stiff caution sign... Very good idea indeed...


ReadWriteWeb - Twine Disappoints After Semantic Web Hype

即使 Marshall 對 Twine 表現稍為失望,但從圖片

Even though Twine disappoints Marshall, but from the look of screenshots

Twine - Take the Tour


I am still desperate for it to use, therefore, I made an exception earlier that I - The Semantic Web takes shape, with Twine

登記試用還在 private beta 階段的 Twine。希望戶口能早日到手,到時的文章/資料分享應會集中在那邊吧。長遠來看,我想每個人應有一個 Twine 的戶口,以設立公開的個人 resource centre (資源中心)。到時每個人都是館員,館與館之間有交流和合作,資料會比現在管理得有條理,要獲取資訊也就變得輕鬆簡單了。

registered to test Twine, in the private beta. I wish the account will be arrived shortly. After that, I think the article/information sharing will be gathered up there. In the long term, I think everyone will have a Twine account for setting up a public personal resource centre. At that time, everyone will be a librarian. There are interaction and collaboration between centres. Information will be managed more systematically than now. It will be convenient and easy to access to the information.

補充 [Supplement] (Mar 20, 2008)

Personal experience

Awesome Auto-tagging, mediocre other features, no Chinese language support at all.

Response from Twine team
We are only currently supporting the English language right now. We are going to expand into other languages down the road...

No shift will happen till I see the improvement, so stay tuned.

*** - Evernote: 'A tool for lazy slobs' (Invites!)



looks like a combination of






一向都沒有用筆記簿 (notebook) 的習慣,因為我用這個 blog 做 web clip。雖然我的做法沒有 click to clip 那麼方便,樣樣都要靠人手,但分享起來比較集中,不像其他平台那般零碎,別人想獲取資料應較方便。不過 EverNote 能從圖中認字 (以後甚至能認人),作為個人的資料/圖片庫應該相當不錯。

I am not used to use notebook, because I do the web clip on this blog. I know click to clip makes everything simpler than what I have done manually. Despite the shortcoming, the sharing is centralized and easy for people to get access to. EverNote can recognize text in the image (even people's face in the future), however, it should be a good application to be used as personal information/image database.


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