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21st Century Literacy/Testimony on the Future of Bibliographic Control

Scholastic - School Libraries Work!


Library's value is shown in the fact...


From the image, apart from promoting reading and managing reading resources, libraries are also responsible for teaching information and technology skills and related. It would be a big trouble if school management does not know this...

Model of the School Library as a Dynamic Agent of Learning (Todd, Kuhlthau, & OELMA, 2004, p. 22)

Image from

Todd, R. J., Kuhlthau, C. C., & OELMA. (2004). The Landmark Ohio Study: 13,000 Students Can’t Be Wrong. In School Libraries Work!. Retrieved April 3, 2008, from


Stephen's Lighthouse - School Libraries Work!


always learning - Defining the Role of a 21st Century Literacy Specialist

圖書館主任以外是否需要到 21st Century Literacy Specialist 協作教學?

Is 21st Century Literacy Specialist needed in collaborative teaching beside Teacher-Librarian?

配合不同學科做出 project 來...

Create the project for different subjects need...

always learning - Projects

p.s. 泰國的教育都行得前過香港了...

p.s. Education in Hong Kong is falling behind Thailand...

p.p.s. Taiwan 2.0 的蔡博士心得和技巧俱備,所以自己上馬製出所任教課程的教學網站

p.p.s. Taiwan 2.0's Dr Tsai has both knowledge and skill to create the teaching/learning site for the modules he teaches.


學生的功課和討論均在網上,用到 blog, social bookmarking, wiki 等,是很好的 e-learning 2.0 例子...

Assignments and discussions are on the web. Blog, social bookmarking, wiki, etc. are used. Good example of e-learning 2.0...


always learning - Essential Understandings for 21st Century Literacy

New Literacies 又是什麼?應怎樣教?針對這兩點的研究...

Research to answers what are new literacies and how to prepare our youth for these...

University of Connecticut - New Literacies Research Team


superkimbo's bookmarks on


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Alan Poon's Bookmarks - Information Literacy


Cataloging Futures - Testimony to the LC Working Group now available!

Testimony Submitted to the LC Working Group on the Future of Bibliographic Control (December 15, 2007)

Part I - Organizational and Institutional Submissions [PDF, 638 KB]

Part II - Submissions by Individuals [PDF, 725 KB]


Testimony on the Future of Bibliographic Control from all who are concerned...

On the Record: Report of The Library of Congress Working Group on the Future of Bibliographic Control (January 9, 2008)


Cataloging Futures - Testimony to the LC Working Group now available!


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